Friday, May 16, 2008

Hello, my name is Veronica and I am HandiScrapped.

Hi there. That's me. The one with the tattoos. I've been thinking about starting a blog about how things are now that my spine is crumbling. Or, rather, the disks are. Whatever the details, it has really put a crimp in my plans to not be in pain all the time for the rest of my life. As everyone likes to point out to people who have crappy stuff happen to them, "it could be worse" and it's true. I walk with a cane most of the time if I'm out of the house, or sometimes I need a wheelchair, mostly if I have to walk or stand a lot, like at museums or if I'm shopping a while. Sitting hurts, too, but hey, everything does now. And I can sit faster than I can walk (provided someone is pushing me or I'm rockin' the electric power) and I can sit longer than I can walk or stand before the pain puts me completely out of commission, both of which make the whole trip a lot more fun for everyone else involved.

The other thing I wanted to blog about is paper crafting or "scrapbooking" if you will. (Ah ha! Now the name is beginning to make sense, right?) I've always been artsy, but it's only relatively recently that I have become craftsy. I started really getting into altered books, ATC's and scrapbooking when the pain got really out of control about 3 years ago. It gave me something to do when I was stuck propped up on pillows on the couch. Sure, I'm a writer, but you can't work all the time.

So, smash the two topics together and here you are. I plan to keep the two topics pretty fluid. If you listen to me talk about the stuff going on in my life, I'll give you helpful this 'n that about scrapbooking for the unusually abled. Tips, tricks, reviews of products good and bad.

As the time stamp likely told you, it's pushing 4:30 in the a.m. and I should probably slip into a hot bath, and then something more comfortable. Lately, the pain gets a lot worse after I've slept so I'm really paranoid about sleeping. I'm a bit of a vampire anyway, but I'm hitting new highs here. I don't want to do this. I don't want to sleep. I don't want to stay awake. I just don't want to hurt.


TracyP said...

Hey Veronica, From all your posts and wonderful scrapbooking that I've seen you would never know that you were in pain because you always seem to be smiling!!! I believe you a a wonderful stong woman!!
As we say in New Zealand Kia Kaha - be stong! and know you have alot of friends in the scrapping world :)

Tracy fiskateer #4168

Ruthie said...

OMG Veronica. Living in pain like that, and being so young, it must be a daunting prospect. And yet you sound from your posts and look from your pic to be a vibrant, beautiful and cheerful young woman! And I have to say, you have the best name for your blog... I love it. Hey nice work here. I'll be interested to watch your blog take shape.

And I agre with Tracy. Kia Kaha!! Be Strong! Ka Kite from New Zealand.

Ruthie, fiskateer #4308

NanaBeth said...

Well pumpkin I'm with you all the way. Now this is suppose to be a funny-when my bottom disk collapsed it formed a "vacuum disk phenomenon".Meaning a gas pocket formed in part of the space where the disk use to be, anyhoo I am now a more reliable meteorologist than anyone on t.v. and I'm lopsided! I'm a vampire also-so chat me up anytime you're feel like it.