Sunday, February 15, 2009

Wow. Wow! WOW!

We always thought of Scott's grandfather as the God of All Things Plastic Canvas, but I dare say his title has a new owner. Erin, one of my fellow Fiskateers posted a link to her friend Jeanne's blog (I know, that's starting to sound like the start of an urban legend--"So my sister's brother's best-friend's dog made one of those") where you can see a feat of such great plastic canvassing, I can only say--well, you read the title.

It's a Barbie--pardon me--"Fashion Doll" dream house. 2 stories tall and an attic. And check out the detail on the toilet seat! There's an automatic dishwasher *and* a freakin' trash compactor in the kitchen. That's nicer than my real house! (Oooh! Challenge idea...make me a plastic canvas house I can live in and I'll RAK you some prima flowers or something. ;))

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